Lifeguarding Dreams

by Rozana, 20 from Bethlehem

I will go back in time five years ago, when I took my identity card and was open up to this world. My dream at that age was to become a great swimmer and have my lifeguard license. Being a life guard is not easy we had to do hard exercise and take a test. My coach was tough and strict and we had to practice exercises that were so hard for me since I was one of the weakest in the team. Being one of the weakest put me down sometimes, it gave me a feeling that I should give up and that I do not have to exhaust myself in something that I would not manage to achieve. Therefore, I stopped going to exercise and even if I went, I would not practice as I am supposed to. Then, the test day had come. I had to do it because I have already paid for its fees.  Experts came to judge our performance and decide whether be lifeguards or not. However, my performance was bad and of course, I failed. This moment was one of the most desperate moments in my life because I did not achieve something I had been dreaming of since childhood. Seeing others celebrating their success while losing my dream made my eyes tear up. No, I did not want to cry because I am jealous of them but because I made a mistake. My coach came and looked into my eyes and said, “I know you want it and that you can do it but sometimes you have to lose!” I looked away and did not reply. Then, he held my hand and said, “Do you want to have a second chance?” I replied with a happy yes! He walked out of the room and went to talk to the experts to ask them for a second chance. Fortunately, they accepted and my second chance was going to be one month later.

So, there I was with a second chance and a month where I would be doing nothing but swimming and swimming and swimming. I worked hard to make my dream come true. Then, that month was over and the moment had come. It was the time of my second chance. My family, my best friend and my coach were all there to support me. They were cheering and screaming very loudly, which gave me energy and pushed me forward to do it and not let them down. So, with every beat I did in the pool and with every move I made forward, I did it. I made that thing which was impossible for me become possible. Finally, Rozana became a lifeguard.