Aunt for the First Time

The happiest moment of my life was when I became an aunt.

My mom woke me up in the morning.

“Wake up, guys! Your sister gave birth!”

I woke up fast, put on my clothes and we went quickly to the hospital. When I finally reached, I saw my nephew, Hanna. He is the cutest ever. I held him tightly and gave him the biggest kiss ever. I really can’t explain the way I felt that day. It was awesome.

Still, he is the reason of my smile. Everyone who sees him says that he looks like me and this makes me proud.

Now, he is nine months old. What I love the most about him is that the first thing he said when he started to talk was “Nana”, which means Jiana. Goodness, it melted my heart. I see in this baby boy a very successful man, a loving and friendly person and of course, an incredibly cute person because he looks like me.

Seeing him growing up with no danger around him and with a perfect family makes my life happier. Seeing him sticks a smile on my face. All I want is to know that he is safe and happy. I give him much attention and spoil him. Every time I play with him I turn into a baby. It makes me feel special; he changes my whole mood.

My happiness will be completed when I see him a big, successful man with his wife and children.

God bless you my sweet Hanna. I love you so so much!


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