An Adventure that Turned Out Well

by Tamara, 20 from Bethlehem

When you find yourself in a bad and scary situation, fear and doubt will not help you. If you can relax and think for a minute, it might not turn out as badly as you first thought. This story starts when I came to the USA to visit my sister who lives in Michigan.

I had one month left. I did not have any good pictures of the neighborhood, and so, I wanted to go around and take pictures, as photography is my hobby. So I asked my sister to go for a walk to take pictures, but she said, “No, you cannot. It is not safe outside.”

I replied quickly, “Do not worry, I will not go far.”

After a long argument, she wrote her address on a piece of paper and gave it to me. As I was closing the door, she hollered at me, “Tamar, be back in an hour!”

I started walking down the street with camera in hand. My eyes were searching for a picture to take. As I was thinking about the weather and the amazing sunset, two dogs jumped in front of me – they were huge and scary. I stood still as a stone. I was terrified, but I tried to be calm and confident, hoping they might leave me alone. But they started barking and chasing me. I started running and screaming loudly without knowing which way to go. Afterwards, the owner started hollering at them. Then he asked, “Are you okay ma’am? I am really sorry.” I answered with a low voice, “It is okay, I am fine.

After struggling to remember the way, I felt sure I was back to the same place I was before the dogs appeared. I looked at the sky and it was getting dark so I had to hurry up to get back home. I started walking until I reached the courtyard. I searched for apartment number 3. I found it and felt really relieved to be back home safe after this adventure. The door was open, so I entered and then realized I had entered the wrong apartment! The lady of the house said to me, “Excuse me, can I help you?” I started crying, thinking that I am lost. So she called 911.

Then the police officer arrived to her house. The moment I saw him I was shocked, he was sooo cute. He came close to me and said “What’s your name, honey?” As I looked at him my mouth dropped open and could not answer for a moment. The other time my answer was “Aha.” This silent moment made me feel safe. He started questioning me: What’s my name, Where am I from, Where am I staying. Of course my first answer was to tell the cute office my name. Then I told him the whole story. “All houses look the same and I thought this was my sister’s house…” He laughed because he knew it was true. When he asked me what my sister’s address was, I remembered I had her address with me. So I handed the paper to him.

When we arrived at my sister’s house, he knocked on the door. My sister came out stunned by the scene of me standing next to a police officer. She asked me “What have you done, what happened?”

Then the police officer explained to her everything. My sister and I thanked him for bringing me back home safe. Then she baked a cake and we took it to the neighbor who helped me and until now my sister and the neighbors have a good relationship.


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