My Forgotten and Reclaimed Dream

by Agnes, 23 from Pennsylvania

From the time that I was little I knew that I wanted to be a Special Education Teacher. I told everyone I knew about my dreams to work in Special Education when I grew up. Any time we would have a career day or someone would ask me what I wanted to be, that is what I would tell them.

But I got a little misled and confused along the way. In elementary school I volunteered a lot in the Special Education classroom and loved helping and loved making friends there.  Everyone said I was so good working with them, and I was glad because that it what I wanted to do with my life. In high school, I also worked in a Special Education classroom and loved it but was no longer sure about that being my career choice. In between high school and college, I took the year off and thought that I would give it another try. I worked in another Special Education classroom full-time until the summer. I loved every minute of it and started to think again that this was my perfect career choice.

Then, I went to college and decided to audition for the Conservatory to become a Music Therapist and work with music and Special Needs children. However, I did not get into the conservatory and decided to become a psychologist instead.

But when I graduated with my psychology degree I realized that I was still being called towards working in special education. I wished that I had realized that before graduating from college but that’s how it works sometimes. Now I am looking into schools so that I can continue to pursue my forgotten, and now reclaimed, dream of being a Special Education Teacher.


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