My Working Life

by Gina, 19 from Bethlehem

This is Gina talking. I’m a normal girl with a small, happy family and a good life. I’m nineteen years old and I have one sister and two brothers. I finished high school at the Fréres School but I did not go to university .

I did not go to university because I started working.

One day my father was going to the church to pray when he saw his friend, George. He told my father that he needed someone to work in his souvenir shop and could not find anyone.

“I will look,” My father said to him. “If I find one I will tell you.”

At night, my parents and I were talking as usual. My father said, “Gina, do you want to work?”

“Why not?” I said. “But let me think about it.”

After one week, I told my dad, “Let me see the man and his shop. I need to ask him some questions.”

The next day, early in the morning at 7:30, we went to the shop and I told George that I will try.

“Maybe I will stay, maybe I will leave,” I said.

The first day of work was fantastic! I saw many people and heard many languages. It was a different day for me – I liked it.

That night, I told my dad that I liked the work and that I will stay.

Every day, George tells me a story about his life. He introduced me to his wife and his son. He tells everyone who visits the shop that I am his daughter.

I work from 8:30 am in the morning till 4:00 pm. Sometimes, when groups of tourists come late, George calls me or I will stay till 6:00 pm or later.

I like my work but want to study. I hope to study in the university and continue to work at George’s shop.


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